Vintage At Dalveen

12 McCosker Drive, Dalveen

Old wares, linen, glass ware, rustic/period furniture, pictures and tools

Opening Hours

Thursday – Sunday 10am – 4pm. Open some public/school holidays.


Ph 0430 120 999


Vintage At Dalveen is the love affair of all things old and rustic. It is a beautifully arranged, quaint shop located on the turn off to Dalveen. Owned and run by Mira, it is a collection she is passionately in love with. Mira moved to Australia from Poland 22 years ago and has been working in the vintage industry for the past 15 years. With humble beginnings selling vintage clothes, shoes and handbags at markets on the Gold Coast,  Mira has an eye for trends and honest authentic vintage wares. 

This shop has long been a dream for Mira. She loves linen and kitchenalia. This is what gives her the most pleasure, a small reminder of her upbringing. Growing up in Poland, Mira was always surrounded by beautiful antiques and quality table linen and tends to gravitate towards pieces with a hint of nostalgia.

Vintage at Dalveen is the place to find really exquisite beautiful raw rustic items. Items from the 1920’s – 1930’s depression era is a speciality. These pieces tend to be made from recycled wood and are brimming with character.

The shop is packed with a huge array of items including glass, retro items, kitchen wares, linen, clothes, furniture, art deco, vintage costume jewellery, baskets, suitcases, books, recipes, tribal masks,  wood pegs, buttons, trunks, road signs, industrial chic, shabby chic, leather bags, typewriters, cash registers, pots, metal tubs, lanterns, lights, tea-chests, tins, cabinets, kettles, vases, cameras, pottery, tools and so much more.

Customers have been known to rummage and explore for over an hour.

With an extensive sourcing network, the range at Vintage At Dalveen is ever changing. Mira has a real knack for finding really cool pieces that will be your treasure and the envy of others.