Shokunin Glass Studio

Glass Shokunin Studio, The Summit, Granite Belt, Australia. Glass Artistry studio and shop

25355 New England Highway, The Summit

Glass artistry – vessels, sculptures, jewellery, garden art and accessories. With a focus on  colourful glass fusing and flame work.

Opening Hours
Open most day 10am – 5pm.  Look for the highway open sign. No set hours, but visitors are always welcome.

Brian Hamley
Ph 0419 701 741

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Little Valley

This slice of rainbow glass heaven is nestled in a pretty valley, just off the New England Highway in the Granite Belt region of Australia.

Prior to opening this dream studio, Brian Hamley spent the last 30 years working as a glazier in the city. One day on a whim he purchased a plane ticket to Japan to take a much over due holiday. He loved the place so much that he flew home, packed up his life and moved to Japan to live. Brian comes from a family of glaziers, his grandfather was a lead lighter and glazier in England, and his father and brother also glaziers. Brian had spent most of his life working with the practicality of glass.  Japan lit a spark in him, a yearning for something more creative. So upon returning to Australia he left the city life, bought a property here in the country, and opened Glass Shokunin Studio.


With years of experience working with plain functional glass, Brian now works exclusively making gorgeous divine glass art – vessels, sculptures, jewellery, garden art and accessories. His pieces focus mainly on glass fusing and flame work using all colours of the rainbow.



Glass Shokunin Studio is worth a visit. More than just a studio, there is little sculptural pieces of glass that hang in the bush or mounted on logs as you meander down the driveway to the studio. Everywhere you look glass features in the sweetest of ways.







If you are driving along the highway between Thulimbah and Stanthorpe, you will see his sign on the highway (25355 New England Highway). If the little open sign is hanging down the bottom, head on down. He has no set hours, but will see you coming and open up his studio for a welcoming tour. It is worth it!